Klement Bonelli

Miami, New York, London, Paris, Ibiza, Barcelona, Cannes…. Klement is always making happy clubbers from all around the world. ------------------------- His tracks are played by the most prestigious Dj’s: Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Tiesto, David Morales, Sasha, Danny Tenaglia, Pete Tong, Simon Dunmore, David Vendetta, Dennis Ferrer…------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And we stop counting CD compilations honouring its productions and remixes : Release Yourself by Roger Sanchez, Underground FG, Africanism III by Bob Sinclar, Ministry Of Sound, Defected, Renaissance by Sandy Rivera, MN2 by Tony Humphries, Armani Exchange by Roger Sanchez etc …………………….---------------------------------------------------- Today nothing seems to stop his rising. Few weeks ago ( June 2007) his last single « Ethna », first track of his own label Krome records, including new remixes 2007 by Pastaboys and Rocco, was sold out after only 3 days. His second track planned to be released for June/July, « Victim of Love » featuring collaboration of Nick & Danny Chatelain, was one of the massives hottest track from Winter Music Conference in Miami (played at Subliminal Sessions party by Erick Morillo and Harry Romero, at Stealth party by Roger Sanchez or also by Dean Coleman at Yoshitoshi party), and is going to be one of the most playlisted track of this summer in Ibiza, catching the attention of the most prestigious labels all around the world. But the succes way is long and klement has been paying his dues for several years, from the first parties he promoted, to upcoming first 12th inches, to arrive at confirmed Dj’s status and to be in demand all around the world. Klement, with a deep-rooted history in art and electronic music recalls the sound of "From the Mind of Lil Louis" and the legendary « French Kiss »influencing him at the early age of 11 and who made him passionate by Dance music. This phenomena that never leave him, will never stop and during that time he built his own musical background and mix technic with 3 or 4 turntables. In 2000, Extra records team active member (next to José Lagarellos, today programme general manager of the international festival « Les nuits Sonores ») he has the strength and willing to share his musical universe and started his own parties in which he invited and shared turn tables with artists like Erick Morillo , The Basement Boys, Josh Wink, Harry Romero, Little Louie Vega or even Roger Sanchez. At the same time of that activity, Klement made a decisive meeting with Rochdee and all together they started productions of their own tracks. Thanks to the homogeneity of their common talents, their first single, signed on legendary American label Basement Boys, became immediatly a huge success in United Kingdom and opened the doors of the biggest international clubs and festivals like Queen Paris, Ministry Of Sound in London, D ! Club in Lausanne, El Divino Ibiza, Catwalk Barcelona, Midem Palm Beach in Cannes or WMC in Miami.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few words from Klement about his live performances in clubs: « Playing all night long easy house music hits is not for me. I like to play with clubbers emotions and nostalgy. To me, there is a big work before playing a peak time hit or a Classic House or Disco in a set to have the most possible impact on the dancefloor. All is not about energy; the vibes and feelings, the emotions are playing a big part if you want to make girls dancing ! » “ I play a blent of Deep Electronic Soul and Club House music and sometimes introduce some Disco & Chicago Classics. I have a very Soulful and NY House music background, so whatever I play even if it’s harder and club, I always put my touch of soul in it”. 2005 is the year of Klement’s debut as remixer. He indeed took part in Bob Sinclar’s Africanism III compilation as remixer and beats drummer, and also remixed the Huge “Gabryelle Vs 4 the Love” on Uk based label Defected records. It is also the year of his first solo track Ethna, who became a “Huge Ibiza 2005 record” reaching N°1 in MixMag Summer Chart. This track has been licensed worlwild from Sweden to South Africa,Russia, Japan, and recently reached American audiences on the Hit TV show “ SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ? on FOX TV” being selected by top Choregraphers Mia Michaels------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In 2006, Klement created Krome records after working 2 years long in order to polish the very last details (visuals, distributors etc…), but also to analyze the records industry in its actual revolution. A waiting time which brings its benefits because his first own production was a huge succes . « I wanted everything to be perfect, but the more I waited and the more I was seeing that the records industry was going deep down » « I’m a workaholic, I can stay an entire week in my studio without going out to see the sun and people not even 5 minuts. To me, there is no secret, hardworking is the key of success If you don’t want to be an ephemer artist”-------------------------------------------------------- For the future, Klement is actually working on an album which is going to come out in 2008 and where we will found prestigious Featuring like Barbara Tucker & Michelle Weeks etc… He just finished a coproduction with Rocco from Rodamaal called “ Les Celestins”; a track for Claude Monnet Back 2 Fundamentals project in which he will take place next to artists like Bob Sinclar, Laurent Garnier, Martin Solveig, Dj Gregory or Julien Jabre etc… and he works on Krome records future, searching for new talents.-------------------------------------- The devlopment of Addiction To Parties in which he invited the best Dj’s like Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Jérôme Sydenham, Nick & Danny Chatelain… is one of his priority for September 07, with a second priority which is the release of Volume 2 of the mixed Cd compilation Addiction To. And of course the booking Requests, which, for Klement are non stop growing up, He will be before the end of 2007 in Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Johanesburg, Tokyo, Varsovie, Paris invited as simple guest or for his Addiction To nights.--------------------------------------------

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