Rodriguez Jr - Orinoco / Omicron

Rodriguez Jr. – Orinoco/Omicron (Back To Fundamentals)

Claude Monnet’s groundbreaking ‘Back to Fundamentals’ visionary project, gets off in true style as flamboyant French house maestro ‘Rodriguez Jr.’, gets the prestigious call-up to deliver the very first sonic installment. “Orinoco/Omicron” and its carefully thought-out remix package, scheduled for release on Claude’s very own B2F label sets the tone for the whole endeavor, and will proudly feature on the final compilation “Back to Fundamentals: Act 2 – The Nouvelle Vague” in February next year.
Quite a task one may think, but it seems perfectly clear Rodriguez Jr. is treating the project with the respect that it deserves as he steps up to the plate and delivers what can only be described as a first rate slice of groove fueled Tech Funk. Deep, and moody, yet staying true to a certain playfulness throughout, the whole release explores the diversity and experimentalism that has presented itself so masterfully throughout the last two decades of French underground music – a scene for which Claude Monnet himself has become such a valuable patron and benefactor.

With “Orinoco” Rodriguez Jr. manages to produce a truly luscious amalgamation of subtle, understated, retro sounds, samples and beats – nothing short of an indulgence for the ear. “Omicron” on the other hand explores a more progressive, melodic and technical path, with futuristic influences and a pinpointed innovative and inventive flare. The diversity of each contributes to an undeniably worthy first edition to Claude Monnet’s Back to Fundamentals brainchild. If things carry on in the same vein, we are in for one hell of a final piece early in 2012, so stay tuned because there’s much more where this came from on its way…

Early support from:

- Butch : nice ep all around great package
- Anja Schneider (Mobilee) :great tunes by Rodriguez Jr.! thanks
- Martin Landsky: good package...original is my favourite ...well done olivier!
- Jimpster : great EP all round. all mixes bring something a little different but for me it's the original and Kolombo. nice one
- Gel Abril : good tracks here like the originals ones and DECLO mix!
- Craig (Silicon Soul): very cool & groovy, I'm feeling the original & claude's mix!
- Mark Grant : Very Nice Project! Really feeling the Original, Joris Delacroix, & Claude Monnet mixes
- Lovebirds : proper slick house jem ... love it!
- Terry Lee Brown Jr: Kolombo Remix is!!
- Markus Homm : nice release love claude's remix great work as always.
- Hernan Cattaneo : Very good groove original and Kolombo for me!
- Lars Behrenroth : dope release.. love the way it rolls! (Claude monnet Mix)
- The Layabouts : essential release will be getting spins from us for sure (Claude Monnet remix)
- Dj Gregory: Solid Pack, got a little something for Claude's mix :-)
- Makossa : i like nearly all of rodriguez jr's releases
- Ivan Bellini: heard Declo's remix as it was produced and the final result is slamming!
- Sebastian Davidson : whoooot, speakers on fire! full support!
- Leigh Morgan - (Urbantorque): Love the trippy trad vibes of Claude's mix here
- Rishi Bass : Another high quality release from this great label.My fav is the original mix!
- Felix Feygin : great release.. once again from one of my fav labels!
- Warren Clarke : Will be supporting this release for sure.
- Chus : It's a really good release. I will support it!
- Greg Delon (WOH lab) : Very fat release, all track are really goods, DECLO mix is strong ! full support !
-  Hector Romero: Orinoco Original has a proper house groove that's definitely gonna work - nice one! Hector Romero
- Tedd Paterson : Solid! Everyone delivered something special... and Kolombo brought the funk!
- Fabrizio Ortella : full support !!!! all the package is good
- Jean Marie Kone ( Radio FG): Outstanding pack from BTF again. Great original House vibes on all tracks. But My favorite is Claude mix. Something special !!
- Stephane Pompougnac : the prods are good as usual.I played it at napoli last week end,it was perfect
- Carlos Mena (Ocha records) - Great package, will bump for sure! (Omicron - Declo BC's Remix)

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