Martin Solveig - So Far Away

After Dj Gregory, Julien Jabre, Franck Roger and Claude Monnet; Back To Fundamentals proudly presents an unexpected duo "Rumi & Solveig" for its fourth release "So Far Away". The chart-buster Martin Solveig was glad when his roman friend and colleague Lorenzo Rumi called upon him to return to the roots of house music, starting from the early, glorious Chicago scenario and its immediate and infectious groove. "So Far Away" came to life, as an impulse with only 2 days of hectic studio session and a few liters of coffee (half a day spent to tune the lazy analog keys that we're finally happy to hear). The guys worked on a stricltly old school basis, (original instrumental) then added a full vocal and new elements to bring the fine "charme "of today's house, turning "so far away" in a contemporary composition rich of surprises and thrilling breaks. The performance of Australian soul singer Rachel Claudio gives a touch of attitude with passionates and unforgettable vocals.

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