Torre Bros - Higher

The time has come to get together, The time has come to get a ride to paradise, cauz we are about to take you HIGHER... Composed by CLAUDE MONNET, JEAN-MARC TORRE, PATRICK TORRE, JAY SEBAG Written by CLAUDE MONNET, JAY SEBAG Publishing - TOPOLINO BELLO P&C - SSOH 2008 Hot on the heels of one of the biggest tunes of the WMC 2008, CLAUDE MONNET and TORRE BROS are back with another Gem from the forthcoming album BACK TO FUNDAMENTALS : Act One - THE FRENCH TOUCHé . The "Original Mix" is a powerful garage track sublimated by an amazing gospel vocal. "UPTOWN mix" is a superb alternative with all manner of keys over a rumbling bass and a dirty beats. The package is completed by four other versions from DJ SPEN and THOSE USUAL SUSPECTS who add their own unique flavour to the package, The Strengh and the energy of Higher will make you dance and lift your hands up, Higher & Higher... Let's the party begin...!

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